Perforated metal filter cylinder

Product Code: 1610
Category:Cylinder Filter
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,Perforated metal
Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Perforated metal filter cylinder

We supply Perforated metal filter cylinder to support the filter media in making of various filter elements. Using of perforated metal adds more strength and pressure resistance in filter flow.

Micron opening perforated metals are used as filters or screens itself in the screening of coal, gravel and ore; in the shifting and separation of food products and medical material, fine chemicals and oil. Made of quality stainless steel or carbon steel sheets, perforated filter tubes and cylinders can be made spiral welded or butt welded in a wide range of sizes.

Specify the following when you order perforated tubes from us:
Perforated metal filter cylinder Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials.
Perforated metal filter cylinder Hole pattern: Micron round, diamond and others.
Open area: It will determine the strength of the support tube and the filter flow.
Perforated metal filter cylinder Hole size and thickness: Various to meet different requirements for tubing strength and filtration.

The mostly used stainless steel Perforated metal filter cylinder include 304, 304L, 316, 316L. Carbon steel can also be used.
Hole patterns include round, square, hexagonal, oval and special openings.

The thickness of metal tubes perforated: 0.2mm to 15mm
Opening diameter: 0.2mm to 100mm

Processes involved in making of perforated tubes: Perforating, flattening, rolling, cutting, bending, edging, welding and finishing.

Feature of Perforated metal filter cylinder

  • can be formed easily
  • can be paint or polished
  • attractive appearance
  •  wide range of thicknesses available
  •  uniform sound abatement
  •  light weight 
  • superior abrasion resistance

Application of Perforated metal filter cylinder

Perforated hole mesh is mainly used in oil field drilling, mine screening, engineering, sifting of grains, decorations and designs of buildings. Perforated metal sheet is used for oil filters, as fencing screen for expressway, railway and other construction facilities, used in workshops as well as other constructions as sound isolation sheet, decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables and chairs, sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal screen sheet is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover, etc. 

Perforated metal filter cylinder

Specification of the Perforated metal filter cylinder



stainless steel

Hole shape  round/ rectangular/ square/star and customized
Hole size 0.6-20mm



 3" 6" 12" 18" and customized

Diameter 30-60mm and customized
Filtering rate 45%-85%  and customized
SurfaceTreatment  electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, oxidation treatment etc



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