About UBO

UBO is located in Anping - a famous Wire Mesh Land in Hebei, China.


With 10+ years' experience in wedge wire screen products and mesh products and filter elements, UBO supplied high quality goods to our customer worldwide. All products can be customized according to customer need.


UBO is dedicated in providing all our customers with customized products in high quality at competitive price to save customers' cost and energy. We have professional engineering and customer support team to work with customers together. 

Our Special Products including: stainless steel filter element, cone filter and strainer, basket filters, cylinder filters, pleated filter, filter strainer, filter discs, leaf filters, disc filters, filter cloth packs, sintered filter, metal sintered filter elements, sintered powder filter, sintered metal mesh filter, wedge wire screen, water strainer and nozzle, sieve plate screen, later tun screen, wedge wire screen cylinders, sieve bend screen, centrifuge screens and baskets, header laterals, resin traps and so on.