Cone Wire Mesh Strainers

Product Code: 1656
Category:Cone Filter&Strainer
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh
Properties:stainless steel filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Cone Wire Mesh Strainers

Cone Wire Mesh Strainers are made of stainless steel woven wire mesh and wire cloth. material is AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI316 316L, etc. Pack filters and wire mesh discs are mainly used in pharmacy, chemicals, chemical fibers, etc.

Cone Wire Mesh Strainersmaterials available for pack filters and wire mesh discs: stainless steel woven wire cloth, stainless steel sintered web, phosphate bronze wire cloth and brass wire cloth, etc.

Cone Wire Mesh Strainers Shapes: round, rectangle elliptical, other shapes.
Disc filters are provided in different shapes: Single piece or multiple layered.
Marginal materials for disc filters: stainless steel, aluminum and nickel-plated copper.
Sizes: meeting customers' specific requirements.

Feature of Cone Wire Mesh Strainers


1. Petrochemical production process weak corrosive materials.

2. Chemical production in the corrosive materials.
3. the low temperature refrigeration material.

4. Light food, pharmaceutical production has the health requirements of the material

Usage of Cone Wire Mesh Strainers

The filter is used as pipeline strainers that are designed for new system start-up,removing any coars,debris such as rags, welding rods, pipe scale, rust etc which accidentally present within the system to ensure the equipment produce safely.


Specification of the Cone Wire Mesh Strainers


·  ominal Pipe Size

· B (ID)

· A (OD)

·150/300# ANSI


· 600# ANSI

· 900# ANSI

· 1500# ANSI

· 3/4

· 0.75

· 2.13

· 2.50

·  2.63

· 2.63

· 1

· 1.00

· 2.50

· 2.75

·  3.00

· 3.00

Production And Sales of Cone Wire Mesh Strainers

Packaging Details: Cone Wire Mesh Strainers are packed with cartons and outside with wooden pallets or wooden cases.

Wire Cone Strainers


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