OEM Sieve Bend Screen

2021-01-19Tags:Sieve Bend Screen, Wedge Wire Screen, Filter Element, OEM,Posted By zhaozhao
The sieve bend screen is one of the fine screening equipment used in the treatment plant. It is a physical therapy device that operates by gravity and does not require electricity.
It can replace industrial wastewater treatment plants and basically prevent organic or inorganic pollutants originating from industrial wastewater treatment plants from entering the treatment plant and causing possible pump, equipment and lifting/lifting failures. It is particularly used in wastewater treatment plants in the recycling, food, textile, paper and pulp industries.
The main advantages of sieve bend screen
1. It is easy to separate solids from the slurry
2. Maximum efficiency
3. Extend the life of the screen
The wedge wire arc screen has a variety of sizes to meet all your needs, regardless of your application scenario, all support customization.
The sieve bend screen is suitable for a variety of screening media, has many industry-leading functions, can be designed with many different sizes, and is suitable for applications of various widths.
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