sintered wire cloth basket filter

Product Code: 1621
Category:Basket Filters
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,sintered wire mesh
Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of sintered wire cloth basket filter

sintered wire cloth basket filterlaminate media is composed of 5-layer or multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh, which is special canlendering and sintering in vacuum oven, to create a new filter material with high strength and rigidity. Its interlaced mesh forms a uniform and ideal filtration structure. As a new filter material, it not only overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary metal mesh, such as lower strength, poor rigidity, unstable hole shapes, but has excellent performances such as high precision and strength,efficient flow restriction, mechanical and resistance to abrasion,heat by reasonably arranging its porosity, permeability and strength. Therefore, its total performance has obviously advantages than sintered powder, ceramic, fiber cloth, other filter material.

Feature of sintered wire cloth basket filter

sintered wire cloth basket filter is made of Sintered 5-layer or multi-layer Stainless steel wire mesh laminates, it take the advantages of good permeability, high holding dirty capacity, large filter area, long service life, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and cleanable, can be used for many times, it is widely applied in the filtration system of petroleum and chemical industry.

Application of sintered wire cloth basket filter

Our sintered wire cloth basket filter has been widely used in many industries such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, purification, gas-solid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid separation cooling, gas distribution, fluidization bed, gas sampling collection, shock reducing, sound attenuation, inflaming retarding.

sintered wire cloth basket filter

Specification of the sintered wire cloth basket filter

1.mesh:plain weave 1-400 twill weave:80-636
3.Standard Diamter:50mm-1000mm
4.Woven type:plain, twill, dutch,5shaft
5.Material: SUS302,304,316,316L,310,310S
6.Features:Acid alkali resistant,heat resistant,corrosion resistant. 

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