pulp thickening screens

YUBO custom provides pulp thickening screens manufactured with stainless steel material. V-shaped slotted slot, precise filtering, anti-blocking, and self-cleaning function.

Our pulp thickening screens are composed of wedge wire profiles. The v-shaped wires are neatly distributed and welded on the support rod, with equal spacing.

In the paper mill, the mission of pulp screens is screening and filtering. Pulp screens remove are bundles, plastic specks, and other oversize contaminants from pulp suspensions before the pulp is made into paper.

sieve bend screen

The purpose or benefit
1. Enhance the cleanliness of paper products.
2. Increase the flexibility and economy of the pulping processes.
3. Low-cost, low-cost removal of contaminants.
4. Promote higher levels of paper recycling.

All in all, the pulp thickening screens can be designed and customized based on your requirements. In this regard, YUBO is professional. So contact us at any time! Email: sales@ubooem.com

pulp thickening screens

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