Use of filter screen in fishery

2021-01-06Tags:Wedge Wire Screen Filter, Wedge Wire Screen, Fish, OEM,Posted By zhaozhao
Fishery filter screens can effectively prevent fish from being drawn into channels, rivers or other waters during activities. They are designed to provide pollution-free water without harming aquatic life. Usually installed wedge wire filter screen to protect the endangered fish, prevent these aquatic organisms from being some industrial wastewater (such as steam power plants, hydroelectric generators, oil refineries, chemical plants, farm irrigation water and municipal drinking water treatment plants) Hurt or killed.
In addition to simply preventing the passage of fish, the design of the fishery filter screen can also minimize the pressure and damage caused by the change of water speed and direction caused by diversion.
In addition, for some aquatic organisms excrement, remaining fish food and other pollutants, etc., it can also be well filtered through the filter screen, without affecting the survival of aquatic organisms and the cleanliness of water quality.
The wedge wire filter screen can not only customize the filtering accuracy range, but also has a long service life, is easy to clean, and has a smooth surface that will not harm any kind of organism. Some specific curved arc screens can be bent in different arcs according to the requirements of the use scene, which fully meets the requirements of use.
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