sintered Perforated filter

Product Code: 1698
Category:Sintered Metal Mesh Filter
Material:Stainless Steel sintered mesh,Perforated metal
Properties:Sintered filter

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Description of sintered Perforated filter

Thesintered Perforated filter are made of 5-layer sintered wire mesh laminates.This kind of filter cartridge has good capacicties such as the corrossion resistance,good air permeability,easy to back wash,high filter rating and etc.

sintered Perforated filter Adaptors:
1.Standard Adaptors (222,220,226)
2.Fast Interface Connector
3.Threaded Connector
5.Tire Rod
6.Other Special Adaptors

sintered Perforated filter Applications:
1. Polyester filtration

Specification of the sintered Perforated filter

1.Filter Materials:SUS 316L,304
2.Filtering Rating:1-200 micron
3.Filter Media:Sintered Wire Mesh or Sintered Metal Fiber Felt
4.Shapes:Cartridge Filter, Disc Filters,Pleated Filter Elements, Filter Panel and etc.
5.Working Temperature:-200 —600°C

Production And Sales of sintered Perforated filter

1. Polyester filtration
2.Water treatment purification
3.Oil filtration
4.Pharmacy factory
5.Chemical filtration
6.Air Steam filtration
8.Powder Destribution

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