Wedge Wire Screening Systems

Product Code: 2798
Category:Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders
Material:stainless steel (304,316etc.)
Properties:Sieve Bend screen
Application:filters, strainers, architectural screens, water treatment underdrains, media support grids and overlays, infiltration gallery screens

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Description of Wedge Wire Screening Systems

Wedge Wire Screening Systems can be manufactured in almost unlimited height and diameter with the wire running circumficial or long-slot rolled to the I.D. or the O.D. of the cylinder.

These stainless steel wedge wire screen cylinders can be manufactured for stationary/static processing or can be driven on trunions for a rotating effect on your materials.

Wedge Wire Screening Systems

Application for Wedge Wire Screening Systems:

The stainless steel wedge wire screen cylinders can be used in crossing flow sieves, vibrating screen decking, mineral processing, surface water intake screens, fish diversion screen panels, hatchery screens, architectural decorative food processing.

Features for Wedge Wire Screening Systems:

A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area, thus providing a greater access to the water bearing zone. Wedge wire which avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow. Ladder-like wire welded screens have the features of easy backwashing, last long, safety and reliability as well as low comprehensive cost.

Characteristics for Wedge Wire Screening Systems:

1) Cylinder structure, continuous gaps provide larger aperture ratio.
2) Precision gaps dimensions, long service life.
3) Easy to leakage,difficult to clog,wear-resistance.

Specification of the Wedge Wire Screening Systems

Wedge Wire Screening Systems

stainless steel welded wedge wire screen cylinders
Low carton, low carton galvanized steel (LCG), steel treated with plastic spraying, stainless steel (304,316etc.)
Wedge Wire (mm):
Width : 1.50 1.80 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70
Height : 2.20 2.50 2.70 3.60 4.30 4.70 5.60 6.30 7.00
Support Rod (mm):
Width : 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70
Height : 2.70 3.60 4.70 5.60 6.30
Round : 2.50mm -- 6.0mm
Diameter ranging
from 1 inch -----45 inch.
lengths up to 6 meters.
Slot size:
0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30,....., 3.00 also achieved upon request.
Note: Other specifications can be customized according to your requirement

Production And Sales of Wedge Wire Screening Systems

Wedge Wire Screening Systems

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