Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

Product Code: 2205
Category:Sieve Plate Screen
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:sieve plate screen
Application:water filtration,petroleum,chemical,water,plastics,food,industry

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Description of Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

Wedge Wire Screen flat panel is designed to optimize the open area, strength and working life for each application.

The panels are continuously welded on the lower side of loop to provide complete rigidity to the panels thus becoming very effective in transmitting the vibrations without mechanical failures.

Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area, thus providing a greater access to the water bearing zone.
A 'V' shaped profile wire which avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow.
A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening.

Application of Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

Used in industries such as Sugar, Coal Mining & Quarrying, Mineral Processing, Cement, and Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment etc.
Used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load.
Used for fiber removal in Starch industry.

Wedge Wire Screen flat panel

Specification of the Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

Wedge Wire Screen flat panel


high carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire,Mn-steel,polyurethane

Wedge Wire (mm)

Width : 1.50 1.80 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70

Height : 2.20 2.50 2.70 3.60 4.30 4.70 5.60 6.30 7.00


Support Rod (mm)


Width : 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70

Height : 2.70 3.60 4.70 5.60 6.30

Round : 2.50mm -- 6.0mm

Slot Size

0.02 -- 6.00mm ,also can be customized as your request.


Max 6 meters.


25mm -- 1200mm.

End connection

Plain beveled ends, flanged or threaded couplings

Note: Other specifications can be customized according to your requirement.

According to the different materials, the mesh can be divided into the following types:

New abrasion-resistance alloy mesh plate,

High-efficiency abrasion-resistance alloy mesh plate

Stainless steel foundry mesh plate

Spray coating mesh plate

Bead-on-plate welding mesh plate


Abrasion-resistance cast steel mesh plate

Ordinary mesh plate

Production And Sales of Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel

Wedge Wire Screen flat panel

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