Wedge Wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels

Product Code: 1837
Category:Sieve Plate Screen
Material:Stainless Steel
Properties:Wedge Wire Screen
Application:filtration, industry filtration, water filtration

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Description of Wedge Wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels

The dewatering capacity of a wedge wire cross-flow sieve panels is primarily influenced by the screen width, the slot opening, and the wire size (width).  Installation angle, feed velocity and uniform distribution across the screen are also very important.


Features of Wedge wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels


-- High strength

-- Excellent performance

-- Fine finish

-- Typical static panels, including architectural panels, will have a surround frame welded around the screen


Features of Wedge Wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels


-- Smooth surface finish

-- Cut to any custom-made shape and designed to cater for your special needs

-- Designed to maximize the open area, strength and wear life to suit any application

-- Cost effective

       Wedge wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels



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Specification of the Wedge Wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels

Slot size: 0.10, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.30mm, up to 3mm.

Open area: up to 60%.

Material: low carbon, low carbon galvanized steel (LCG) steel treated with plastic. spraying, stainless steel (304).

Lengths up to 6 meters.

Width: ranging from 25 to 2000mm.

V wire slot screen plate

Production And Sales of Wedge Wire Cross-Flow Sieve Panels

Package: in wood case

Delivery: 5-25 days.

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