Slotted Wire Lauter Tun Screens

Product Code: 2236
Category:Lauter Tun Screen
Material:Stainless steel 316
Properties:wedge wire screen filter
Application:ore choosing,petroleum,chemical,water,plastics,food

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Description of Slotted Wire Lauter Tun Screens

Lauter Tun Screens: A wedge wire support grid provides a false bottom in a lauter tun in many breweries. The lauter tun screen sits on a ledge that is positioned on the inside diameter of the tank.  It  may also be necessary to have support beams depending on loading and tank diameter.

Lauter Tun screen description:

59 3/4" OD made in 5 sections

93V wedge wire on .074" x 3/4" support rods at 1 1/2" centers

Nominal slot openings: 0.030"

1/8" x 1" banding around each sectionfour

-.074" x 1 1/2" seal strips (shipped loose)all

Type 304 stainless steel

Lauter Tun Screens

Lauter Tun Screens

Specification of the Slotted Wire Lauter Tun Screens

Lauter tun screens are the most revolutionary advancement in separator screen technology in the last decade. Designed for increased strength, the patented Lauter tun screen has shown significantly improved screen life over traditional designs. Advanced mesh fusion divides the screen into discrete zones, preventing propagation of most tears. The mesh fusion also enhances flow rates by stiffening the screen surface, which improves solids conveying.

Lauter tun can be custom configured to obtain the most effective performance for each application. Balancing screen life, capacity and blinding (plugging) resistance, Lauter tun screens can be tailored to meet the objectives of the specific operation.

Available in Round or Rectangular screens and linear (Magnum L) or diamond (Magnum D) patterns

Lauter Tun Screens

Production And Sales of Slotted Wire Lauter Tun Screens

Package: in wood case

Delivery Time: 5-25 days 

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