Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Product Code: 2464
Category:Sieve Bend Screen
Material:stainless steel
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.

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Description of Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen as side hill screens, parabolic screens, run down screens, gravity screens and DSM screens, can be custom designed to separate solids from liquids in various applications including food processing, pulp and paper, waste water cleanup, surface water intakes, corn wet milling, coal preparation, and gold recovery.


Applications of Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen


UBO vibrating screen is mainly used to dewater,deslime,take off medium,grading and slurry recycling. It is more suitable for hydrocyclone and sieving, desliming and dewatering for fine material.


Features of Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen


This series arc vibrating screen is a kind of grading equipment for fine material. It is mainly composed of arc sieving frame, stainless steel slot screen plate, vibration motor and distributing device. This machine has simple structure and easy installation. Also it has a good adaptability for fine mine sieving and is easily through sieve plate.

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Ubo is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,lauter tun screens,sieve bend screen,sieve plate screen,water strainer&nozzle,screen nozzles,centrifuge screens and baskets,header-lateral.

Specification of the Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Model Structure Capacity (m3/h) Sieve pore size Width(mm) Screening surface width(mm) Installation slope angle (°) Vibration time (r/min) Power (KW)
ZHS1200 Single 80~120 0.3~1.0 1200 52 1460 0.25*2
ZHS1600 Single 120~200 0.3~1.0 1600 52 1460 0.55*2
ZHS2100 Single 200~280 0.3~1.0 2100 52 1460 0.55*2
ZHS2400 Single 280~350 0.3~1.0 2400 52 1460 0.75*2
ZHS2800 Single/ Double 350~420 0.3~1.0 2800 52 1460 0.75*2
ZHS3000 Single/ Double 420~480 0.3~1.0 3000 52 1460 1.1*2
ZHS3400 Double 480~520 0.3~1.0 3400 52 1460 1.1*2
ZHS3800 Double 520~600 0.3~1.0 3800 52 1460 1.5*2

Production And Sales of Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Packaging Detail: Wooden case or according to customer requirements
Delivery Detail: Within 20 days after receiving the deposit of equipment

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