SS Pleated Filter Cartridge

Product Code: 2062
Category:Pleated Filter
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:pleated filter

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Description of SS Pleated Filter Cartridge

SS Pleated Filter Cartridge


Pleated filter cartridge, or polymer melt filter cartridge, is made of stainless steel wire mesh, or sintered stainless fiber felt. The former one is made of stainless steel wire by weaving together, and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of smooth wire pore, easy to wash, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast wire mesh without migration, long service life, etc. The sintered stainless fiber felt is a kind of high precision filter material made of stainless steel fiber by sintering in high temperature, and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of high porosity, good permeability, high dirt holding capacity, high regeneration capacity, etc.

Advantages of SS Pleated Filter Cartridge:


-- High dirt holding capacity

-- High reliable standard specifications

-- Stainless steel pleated filter element has low pressure drop due to high porosity

-- Accurate filtration rating

-- Easily cleanable by conventional chemical cleaning and with a long life-span

-- Filtration area of pleated stainless steel filter element is increased by pleating


Usages of SS Pleated Filter Cartridge:


Pleated Filter Elements mainly serve in filtration of high molecular polymer, meltdown in thin film production, also drugs, hydraulic oil, disposal of water, hot gas, etc.

Specification of the SS Pleated Filter Cartridge

Available Filtration Rating (µm): 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60.

Sizes of Pleated Filter Elements: Any outline size available according to customer's requirement

Production And Sales of SS Pleated Filter Cartridge

Package: in wood case

Delivery Time: 5-25 days.

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