Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for liquids

Product Code: 3142
Category:Pleated Filter
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh304,316,316L
Properties:Pleated filter
Application:Filtration,liquids Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for liquids

Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for liquids

1. Specifications

High Porosity
Good Permeability
High Dirt Holding Capacity
High Regeneration Capacity
Easy to Wash,High Temperature Resistance

1.Pleated filter cartridge,or polymer melt filter cartridge,is made of stainless steel wire mesh, or sintered stainless fiber felt.

2.The former one is made of stainless steel wire by weaving together,and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of smooth wire pore,easy to wash,high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,fast wire mesh without migration,long service life,etc.

3.The sintered stainless fiber felt is a kind of high precision filter material made of stainless steel fiber by sintering in high temperature,and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of high porosity,good permeability,high dirt holding capacity,high regeneration capacity,etc.

4.Temperature capability up to 500° F with synthetic seals; up to 1500° F with NPT connections

5.Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel for compatibility choice with aggressive chemicals

6.Available in fourteen nominal ratings from 2 to 840 microns for a wide range of particle size removal

7.Dimensional integrity of stainless steel media accommodates high flow rate and high temperature systems

8.Cartridges may be cleaned and reused

9.Available with a wide range of grommet and O-ring materials to optimize fluid and temperature compatibility

10.Variety of seal configurations allow retrofit in many filter vessel designs

11.Welded and crimped construction eliminates the need for adhesives which can be a contaminant source and limit temperature range

12. Pleated surface maximizes filtration area for longer service life

13.Plain (cylindrical) surface provides ease of cleaning

14.Optional perforated stainless steel pleat protectors minimize handling damage

15.Meets FDA guidelines for use with potable and edible liquids

2. Main Connections:


2.Fast interface



5.Tie rod

6.Special customized

3. Applications:

Mainly used in high molecular polymer,water and oil treatment,high temperature,gas filtration,medicine filtration etc.

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Specification of the Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for liquids

Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge for liquids

Element Material

Cartridge Length

Micron Rating

Seal Material

SS = 304L Stainless Steel

818 = 4.875"


B = Buna N

SS316 = 316L Stainless Steel

820 = 9.875"


V = Viton


895 = 19.875"


T = Teflon


897 = 29.875"







Example Part Number:




SS - 820 - 100 - V




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