conical centrifuge basket

Product Code: 3166
Category:Centrifuge Screens&Baskets
Material:stainless steel wire
Properties:construction, mining
Application:Our products are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the

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Description of conical centrifuge basket

Main features:
Start with frequency converter for stepless speed regulation, with a PLC (programmable logic controller) to start  steadily, expan of the scope, with the main control cabinet and field proof auxiliary control panel,it can be operated two places, improve security, no basis for the installation, eliminating the conventional hanging machine feet, simplify the installation process. No base plate weight and the selection of isolator types of damping system that allows devices to be completely absorbing vibrations generated by change. On the basis of the ground and the surrounding non-interference.
Shell structure for the flip, the shell and bowl’s  sandwich can be  thorough cleaning l. Structural design is reasonable, more comprehensive cleaning and sterilization. Particularly difficult to adapt materials for the staff contact, high cleanliness, strict washing demanding, high grade solid-liquid separation in explosion-proof. Lifting bag discharge, can be discharged remotely, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, environmental conditions fully comply with GMP standards.
Main purpose:
Applies to both solid phase for the granular filtering, it can be used for dewatering of fibrous material, particularly filtation of high viscosity, fine particle size, toxic and hazardous, flammable materials.s For example, gypsum, thiamine, Glauber's salt, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, a chloride, acetic acid, borax, soda, rubber additives, dye, plastic raw materials, fertilizer, oil, all kinds of resin, salt, MSG, food additives, starch sugar, vitamins, antibiotics and other drugs, herbicides, insect repellents, copper, zinc, aluminum ore dehydration, metal refining, volleyball acid plaster, water treatment.
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Specification of the conical centrifuge basket


Centrifuge basket




Our products are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the industries of cigarette, sugar, foodstuff, noise-sliencer, environmental protection, agricultural machine, 

chemical industry and pharmacy industry.

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