Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter

Product Code: 2294
Category:Cylinder Filter
Material:Sintered Wire Mesh
Properties:cylinder filter
Application:filters, strainers, architectural screens, water treatment underdrains, media support grids and overlays, infiltration gallery screens

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Description of Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter

Stainless steel cylinder filter element is available by variety of styles to satisfy customer requirements. We design it according to micron rating, differential pressure, product characteristics, on stream life requirements, disposability, and cleaning method. The filter media included metal fiber felt, muti-layer metal mesh, metal wire mesh, and others. It can be provided as a flat wrap for making cylindrical filters elements or pleated for making pleated filter elements.
Usually standard sintered mesh is five layers which consists of protective layer, control layer, dispersion layer, and two reinforcing mesh. It provides excellent performances such as high precision and strength, so it is ideal for applications requiring high strength and precision filter media.


Application for Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter:


-- polymer filtration
-- high temperature or corrosive liquid, oil and gas filtration
-- automotive
-- HEPA filteration
-- chemical and pharmaceutical industries
-- hydraulic and fuel filtration
-- aerospace
-- food and beverage
-- nuclear filtration
-- chemical and catalyst recovery


Advantage for Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter:


a) Complex structure, high filtering precision

b) Large dirt holding capacity, long service life time

c) Good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance

d) Increased flow quantity per unit area

e) woven type stainless steel mesh, with homogeneous pore distribution, high strength, and easy to clean.


petrochemical sintered laminate filter

Specification of the Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter

petrochemical sintered laminate filter

Length (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Filtration  area  (m²)

Accuracy (µm)




SS wire mesh Stainless steel sheet

Production And Sales of Petrochemical Sintered Laminate Filter

Package: in wood case

Delivery Time: 5-25 days

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