Vertical leaf filters disc

Product Code: 2111
Category:Leaf Filters
Material:Stainless steel 316
Properties:leaf filters
Application:water-treating equipment;the environment protection; the sea water transforms into the industrial water and life use water desalination treatment

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Description of Vertical leaf filters disc

Features of Vertical leaf filters disc

Good planeness: using high quality material and every element are cold machined thermostatically in entire process after heat treatment. Perfect technical process guarantees planenss below 1.5‰.
High precision: using imported filter mesh, 100% checking materials and finished goods before sintered to certify every filter disc before delivery, so as to ensure filter precision. The volume of particles in liquid after filtration is less than 0.2ppm.
Big Flow: special sinter technology and mesh portfolio are cores of XL. On the premise of guaranteeing filter precision, flow can be increased 20%. In same working condition, efficiency can be increased 20% either.
Apertures are fine and uniform, no line marks. Consistent thickness of surface filter cake facilitates unloading of scraper blade during operation.
Good interchangeability: machining precision is up to 0.3‰, every filter disc can be interchangeable.

Vertical leaf filters disc

Applications of Vertical leaf filters disc

Widely used in polyester filtration,water treatment equipments,oil filteration,pharmacy factory,chemical filtration and etc.

Filter Shape:

Could be Cylinder,Cone,Disc and etc.

Specification of the Vertical leaf filters disc


(1)stainless steel mesh(SS 304,SS 304L,SS 316,SS 316L)

(2)copper mesh(red copper mesh,brass wire mesh,phosphor bronze wire mesh)

(3)low carbon steel mesh

(4)aluminum mesh.

Woven mesh range:

(1)wire diameter:0.025-3.4mm

(2)aperture size:0.026-23.4mm

(3)weave type:plain weave(3-300mesh)

Twilled weave(20-635mesh),dutch weave(7x40mesh-325x2300mesh)

Shape:Round,circular ,semicircle ,oval ,rectangle and other shapes according to customers’ requests.

Edge:with or without framework.

Layer counts ranges:1-5 layers

Production And Sales of Vertical leaf filters disc

Vertical leaf filters discVertical leaf filters disc

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