the role of filters in mining and quarrying

How is filtration used in mining?

Filtration concerns orbit every stage of a productive mining operation.

The ‘mineral dressing' industry (i.e. the concentration of valuable ore materials out of its unavoidable mix with unwanted solids) is a good example of the employment of a very wide range of separation equipment, for use once the mined material has been comminuted to the state where the individual particles are each largely composed of one or other of the component materials.

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What is the role of filtration in mining?

Valuable ore materials are mined with its unavoidable mix of unwanted solids.


Vibratory motors push multi-level screening decks back and forth in a synchronous pattern, all the better to efficiently part the ore-laden material from a mass of grinding rock.

The sieving component is a protective device, a piece of apparatus that extends machine lifespan by keeping the mechanical muscle utterly devoid of contaminants. Similarly, fuel filters protect the drive chain, thus ensuring the supplied mechanical momentum is always reliably at the beck and call of the screening and crushing machinery.

As an important mechanical component of screening and filtration, the YUBO DSM screen and polyurethane wedge wire screen are usually used in mining and quarrying. Contact us:

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