header lateral screen for distribute inflow or collect flow

Header Lateral Screen for Distribute Inflow Or Collect Flow

Each header lateral consists of a series of screen laterals connected to a central header.

The assemblies allow designing for uniform flow through the treatment media at a wider range of rates and for a variety of vessel sizes and shapes.

Header laterals screen can be used to either distribute inflow or collect flow, depending on their location within a vessel.

Wedge Wire Collector
Installation position and function

A common vessel arrangement would use a header lateral assembly at the top of the vessel to distribute inlet flow evenly across the bed surface.

A second assembly, located at the bottom of the vessel, collects the treated flow ensuring uniform fluid distribution across the entire length and cross-section of the vessel.


For example, ion exchangers, clay and sand filtration applications, carbon towers, etc.

By the way, various header systems are available to suit your application, specific vessel diameter, flow rate, and media size. We can fabricate a new system or replace an existing one.

Application of Header Lateral Distributor

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