What Is a Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle

The wedge wire filter nozzle also named water or sand filter nozzle is made of the V shape wire. It has cover plates, thread coupling, nuts, and other components. The main material genellary is stainless steel wedge wire screen and it is suitable for most water treatment systems.

The structure is reasonable, the connection is firm, the bearing strength is high, the gap does not change, and the slot is uniformly continuous.

There are many types of wedge wire filter nozzles:
•Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 904L, and other alloys.
•Form: short handle, long handle, single head, and double head filter nozzles.

Application industries: (waste)water treatment, under drain media retention elements, flow distributors in demineralizers, water softeners in pressure and gravity sand filters, etc.

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Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle

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