Sintered Mesh Filter Element for Mineral Processing

The main filter material of the five-layer mesh filter element adopts a standard five-layer sintered mesh. The standard five-layer sintering is made by superimposing five layers of stainless steel wire mesh and vacuum sintering. Sintered mesh filter elements for mineral processing generally use this process.

The sintered mesh filter element for mineral processing has high mechanical strength and an overall rigid structure. It is an ideal filtering structure. You can choose the material of the sintered mesh filter element for mineral processing, which is usually made of stainless steel.

The features of the sintered mesh filter element for mineral processing:
1.Corrosion and high-temperature resistance.
2.Resistant to high pressure, it can still maintain good filtering performance under high pressure.
3.Easy to manufacture, weld, stamp, cut, or otherwise form various parts.
4.Easy to clean.

The industry applications of the mineral processing sintered mesh filter element: in addition to the mineral processing, it is also used in water treatment, water well drilling, oil well drilling, coal washing plants, and other industries.

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