SS Continuous Slot Filter Pipe

The continuous slot filter pipe has many industrial applications, especially in water treatment systems. It is genellary use high-quality stainless steel(like SS304, SS316, SS316L) or other alloys as raw material. It is not affected by high temperature and corrosion.

Our SS continuous slot filter pipes also called wedge wire screen pipes, are manufactured by v shape wires wounded and welded on support rods at an equal interval. Each contact point is welded together on a welder.

There are two edge connection types of our SS filter pipes: threaded connection and flange connection. We can custom produce any kind of continuous slot filter pipes according to your requirements.

1. Continuous slots screen and the size of the slot can be custom.
2. Large filtration area and high filtration efficiency.
3. No-clogging structure.
4. Backwashing and self-cleaning functions.
5. Easy to maintain and long service life.

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