Corrosion Resistant Perforated Strainer Basket

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. supplies and manufactures corrosion-resistant perforated strainer baskets and strainers in both standard and heavy-duty designs. The standard perforated strainer baskets are suitable for most applications. And the baskets of the heavy-duty designs apply to the filtration of viscous liquid.

YUBO perforated strainer baskets can manufacture with stainless steel materials or any metal alloy based on your requirements. These materials cover almost all the corrosion resistance levels required for filter applications. It is corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, durability, strong mechanical ability.

YUBO corrosion-resistant perforated strainer baskets include a perforated steel plate, a rigid top ring, and a solid bottom cap. The applications of the YUBO perforated strainer baskets are wide. They are usually used for filtration in petroleum and chemical industries, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

YUBO can design and custom various specifications and types of corrosion-resistant perforated strainer baskets. We are a professional and credible stainless steel products manufacturer. Welcome to contact us to order our products at any time.

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