Wedge Wire False Floor for Mash Tuns

Wedge Wire False Floor for Mash Tuns 

When talking about mash tun floor in beer brewing, it comes with a question that using a perforated or wedge wire false bottom. While with proper crush size and monitoring the flow rate to minimize pressure differential inside, both bottoms can works well. However, usually, a wedge wire false bottom is more common in commercial brewing process, that is because: 

Firstly, it provides more open area. 

Secondly, it supports the grain better as the largest gap width is smaller than with a perforated bottom.

Thirdly, it won't trap grain easily (grain will get trapped when it gets into the perforated hole. But thanks to the inverted triangle shape of the wedge, grains can often work itself out and fall down to the bottom)

Features of Wedge Wire Screen False Bottom 


-- Can be made to any size, in circles or square floors.

-- Wedge wire mash tun floors do not become blinded by matter, as they are self cleaning; 

-- Low maintenance cost and a cost effective. 

-- Very reliable and long lasting

-- Non-clogging always. 

Normal Name

Lauter Tun Screen, Mash Tun Screen, False Bottom Screen, Etc.

Diameter Range


200mm To 2500mm. Diameter Customized

Normal Diameter


29”, 30”, 35”, 37”, 40”, 45”, 47”, 59”, 63”, 74”, Etc

Normal Slot


0.7mm, 0.75mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, customized

Normal Thickness (MM)

8.5mm, 20mm. 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, Customized.


Sections & shape

1 Cycle, 2 PCS, 3 PCS, 4 PCS, 6 PCS, 8 PCS. Customized

Wedge wire


2x4MM Wedge Wire, 3x5MM Wedge Wire

Support Rod


3x5MM V shaped Support Rod, 3x5mm Square Support Rod

Strengthen Rod


Thickness and Height according to the diameter and screen thickness


Usually customized.

If you are having problems emptying the vessel, and the run off was not very clear, by using perforated plate for a mash tun floor, then try wedge wire screen floor. It will run quicker and clearer with less husk. 

Wedge wire screen can be widely used in many industries including but not limited as the following:

-- water treatment equipment

-- environment protection

-- the sea water desalination

-- water softening treatment

-- oil and chemical processing

-- terminal filtration for petroleum products

-- filtration for chemical acid and soda liquid

-- alcohol and other organic solvents recycle filtration.

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