Sintered Filter system for the process industry

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Sintered Filter systems utilizing sintered metal media for solid/liquid separation have proven to be an effective and economical alternative to other separation processes because other separation processes may be susceptible to pressure peaks, high temperatures and/or corrosive environments.

These demanding environments often require continuous use and are well suited for use in all metal filtration systems using sintered metal media, which have been fabricated into tubular metal components. In many industrial applications where vane filters, bag filters and plate , and frame filters are commonly used, sintered metal media exhibits high dust removal efficiency, reliable filtration performance, effective backwashing capability and long life. life.

Sintered metal media provides a positive barrier to downstream processes. Sintered metal can also be used to support finer filters, pre-coated or used as filter spacers when coated with ion exchange resins. In addition to providing excellent filtration in a single pass, in-situ cleaning backflushing also reduces operator exposure to process materials and volatiles. While applications include continuous high temperatures and corrosive environments, any pressure-driven filtration process with high operating costs has the potential to be improved using sintered metal filtration technology. Appropriate applications have been found in refineries, chemical and petrochemical processes, and pharmaceutical production facilities.

Developed specifically designed and engineered sintered porous metal media with a stable porous matrix, precise bubble point specifications, tight thickness tolerances, and permeability uniformity to ensure reliable filtration performance, effective backwash cleaning and Long service life. These well-controlled pores are critical to ensure efficient particle removal from the process stream and subsequent particle removal during backwashing. Particulate matter may be an undesirable contaminant, the desired product of a chemical process or a reusable catalyst. Removal of particulate matter can improve the quality (value) of the downstream liquid stream or aid in the subsequent processing of the waste stream.

The permanent structure of the sintered metal media allows the filter element to be cleaned in a variety of ways without media migration.

In the past 40 years, sintered metal media has been used in countless separation applications, such as sintered metal filter media for downstream petrochemical and fine chemical industries. The filtration system is installed in a variety of PTA processes to increase throughput, improve product quality, recover valuable catalysts and reduce the load on the waste treatment unit.


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