Seamless metal filter elements

Product Code: 1682
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:Stainless Steel sintered mesh,,Metal Fiber
Properties:Sintered filter
Application:mining, coal, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, food, environmental protection and other industry to sew sieve net, oil filter, salt indu

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Description of Seamless metal filter elements

       Stainless steel cylinder filter element is available by variety of styles to satisfy customer requirements. We design it according to micron rating, differential pressure, product characteristics, on stream life requirements, disposability, and cleaning method. The filter media included metal fiber felt, muti-layer metal mesh, metal wire mesh, and others. It can be provided as a flat wrap for making cylindrical filters elements or pleated for making pleated filter elements.

Application for Seamless metal filter elements:

1. Gas and liquid filtration
2.Solid catalyst recovery
3.Filtration of slurry oil and other petrochemical products
4.High-temperature gas filtration
6.Powder conveying
7.Aeration, and other applications in various industrial fields.

Features for Seamless metal filter elements:

1. High-performance
2. Stable pore shape due to sinter processing
3. Good mechanical properties
4. Sufficient thermal strength up to 900 °C
5. Defined permeability and particle retention
6. High temperature and corrosion resistance

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Specification of the Seamless metal filter elements

Seamless metal filter elements

Mesh Wire dia (mm) Material (AISI)
12*64 0.58/0.40 304 ,316
24*110 0.36/0.25 304 ,316
14*88 0.50/0.33 304 ,316
30*150 0.18/0.14 304 ,316
40*200 0.14/0.11 304 ,316
50*250 0.10/0.071 304 ,316
80*700 0.06/0.05 304 ,316
165*800 0.071/0.04 304 ,316
200*1800 0.05/0.03 304 ,316
325*2300 0.03/0.025 316L
400*2800 0.03/0.02 316L

Production And Sales of Seamless metal filter elements

Seamless metal filter elements

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