More Introduction of False Bottom Screen

The lauter tun screen are ideal for use in micro-brewing and distillery applications. The screen restricts grains from being collected with the wort when it is drawn from the mash in preparation for the boil. The screen offers a high open area, providing optimum extraction. They can be manufactured as a single unit with removable sections for easy installation or removal through service doors an man-ways.

Features of False Bottom Screen 

1. Excellent separation properties - high resistance to clogging
2. V-shape provides exceptional open area
3. Easy to clean, providing reduced maintenance costs
4. Superior strength, delivering longer service life
5. Standard slot opening are 0.65mm, 0.7mm, 0.75mm, 1 mm or as your reuiqre
6. Custom sizes and framing options


feature of the screenapplication of the screen

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