Description of the wedge wire screen resin trap

what is the arc screen equipment

Arc screen is an economical solid-liquid separation equipment. Arc screen is mainly used for coal preparation plant and beneficiation plant to pre-dehydration materials, mud removal, removal of jobs, grading slime recovery. It can also be used with water hydrocyclone to effectively classify, dehydrate, remove and remove fine particles. Mainly by the stent, sieve, sieve box, sieve and feed distribution box composition. The sieve machine is made up of angle 45 degree and 60 degree curvature half wi2030MM sieve box, the curved sieve surface and the sieve frame are pivot-oriented structure, which can rotate 180 degrees to extend the service life of sieve surface.

Appliation of arc screen

●Pulp, paper, pulp mill recycled water fiber recovery
● Various pulp concentration of suspended solids
● Spray water and sealing water purification
● the length of the fiber classification
● fiber filler separation
● Wastewater and circulating water purification

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