Architectural Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth

Architectural Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth
Wire mesh or Wire Cloth is frequently chosen by Architects to incorporate into their designs, which serve multiple purposes.

Custom woven mesh specifications, as well as standard wire cloth stock materials, have been selected by various Architectural Firms and used in projects as decor, or to serve a specific function or purpose, or all combined.

From safety to functionality to esthetic values, Steellong Wire Cloth has produced and supplied Wire Mesh to suite all of these applications.

Wire Mesh is extremely versatile as the crimp style, wire thickness, opening sizes and a variety of metals can be selected to create a custom product tailored to the Architects need.

Architects have realized that Wire Mesh or Wire Cloth does not always have an "industrial" look. It can be manufactured and used in various interior applications to create design concepts which are visually appealing and compliment their surroundings. These custom Architectural applications not only enhance the look, but can add increased value to the design.

There are limitless uses for Wire Mesh or Wire Cloth as we continue to experience when working with Architectural Designers. Allow us an opportunity to work together with you to provide a quality product for your project

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