Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap

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Category:Sintered Powder Filter
Material:Titanium powder
Properties:Sintered filter

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Description of Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap

The Titanium powder sintered filter cap is high purity titanium as the material. It is made by sintering in high temperature and vacuum, with unique properties.
Titanium powder sintered filter cap

Benefits of  Titanium powder sintered filter cap:

- High porosity
- Small resistance
- Great permeability
- Resistan to high temperature and corrosion
- Easy regeneration

Usage of Titanium powder sintered filter cap:

-- The separation and filtration of liquid and gas

-- Filter for strong acid, strong alkali

-- Electronic industry: filter for electron, micro-electronics, semiconductor industry water

-- Medical industry: filter for raw material pharmacy, solvent medical liquid decarbonizing

-- Chemical industry: filter for rganic solvent, chemical reagent raw material liquid catalyst

-- Food industry: beer, beverage, mineral water, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar

-- Oil refining industry: feed back water for oil field, pre filter of reverse osmosis in seawater desallination field.


Features of Titanium powder sintered filter cap:

Titanium powder sintered filter cap are produced by processing the anomalous powder of pure or alloy titanium. They are formed through static pressure, mould pressing and extrusion.


Applications of Titanium powder sintered filter cap:

They are mainly applied to the separation and purification of solid-liquid, gas-liquid and gas-solid in the petrifaction, hydraulic manufacturing and medical apparatus and instruments of basic industries.

Specification of the Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap

Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap Porous
Material: Porous Titanium
Porosity :30-55%;
Aperture :0.3-70??;
Ventilation rate:    0.5-30 M3cm/m2.h.mmH2O
1. Gas, liquid filtration;
2. Gases in liquids, solids distribution;
3. Electrolysis devices such as the electrode material;
4. Gas, liquid throttling buffer components.
Round:   less than diameter430 x 3-5mm, less than diameter150 x 1.0mm
Square:  a x a x 1-5mm, a less than 300mm
Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap Porous
Average pore diameter :10-100??;
Porosity :40-60%;
Oxygen utilization ??:15-35%
Oxygenation capacity :0.3-0.5 KgO2 / h;
Oxygenation efficiency E :6-8 KgO2/KWh.
Bio-farming, sewage treatment, chemical, oil exploration and other industries.
diameter125mm (effective diameter diameter85mm),
diameter240mm (effective diameter diameter185mm).
Titanium Powder Sintered Filter Cap Porous
Filter Accuracy :0.3-40??;
Ventilation rate:
0.3-54.0 x 10-5 M3/cm2.h.mmH2O
Use of pressure: less than 0.3-0.6MPa;
Maximum working pressure: 0.3Mpa;
The maximum temperature: 280 ??C.
1. Water: mineral water, purified water after the termination of ozone sterilization sophisticated filtration, RO, nano-filtration security filters.
2. Pharmaceuticals: An bottles, oral liquid, Vial Washing Filling line filter.
3. Chemical: Chemical reagent filtering.
4. Liquor: liquor, wine, beer filtration, CO2 sterile filtration.
5. Steam filtration.
OD: diameter30, 50, 60;
Length: 5 ", 10", 20 ", 30", 40. "
Interface: M20, 222 type, 226

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Titanium powder sintered filter capTitanium powder sintered filter cap

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