Stainless Steel Sintered Filters

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Category:Sintered Powder Filter
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:sintered power filter

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Description of Stainless Steel Sintered Filters

Stainless Steel Sintered Filters

compacted part is removed and then sintered in specially designed furnaces. Sintering is the fundamental processing step for all Powdered Metal (P/M) products. It is the process of permanently bonding the powder particles by fusing together at temperatures well below their melting point. After sintering, regardless of micron size, the separate grain structure of the original powdered metal becomes fully interlinked to form a rigid part. Sintering gives the high porosity material the shape, stability and property of a strong metal component.

This isostatic pressing process also allows flanged or threaded end pieces to be simultaneously attached when the filter is formed. Welds thereby are eliminated and the mounting of such filter cartridges and filter tubes in the filter apparatus is very much simplified. An advantage of the isostatic technique compared to other manufacturing technologies is that smaller quantities also can be economically produced.

The design and manufacturing of SIKA-R-IS and SIKA R-AS result in the following important properties:

Shape-stability, i.e. self-supporting structural elements suitable for high differential pressures and pressure swings.
Particularly good properties under compression, vibration and changing conditions or with high impulse pressures.
High heat resistance and thermal stability up to 1,742 °F.
High permeability with low pressure drop.
Precise filtration because of homogeneous pore size distribution.
Chemical resistance against acids and caustic solutions in various ranges of pH.
Back-flushing and easy cleaning with supersaturated superheated steam, chemical solvents, thermal processes and ultra-sonic baths.
The variety of materials used are weldable, solderable and machinable.

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Specification of the Stainless Steel Sintered Filters

High porosity sintered components made from

Stainless steels
1.4404 (AISI 316L/ B),
1.4306 (AISI 304 L),
1.4539 (AISI 904 L)
Monel 400
Inconel 600/625
Hastelloy B, C 22, C 276
Special materials as well as in other fields of chemical and food processing industries, power engineering and environmental technology.

Production And Sales of Stainless Steel Sintered Filters

Catalyst separation and recovery
Refinery applications
Gas- and Liquid filtration
Aerosol separation
Air bearings for polymer sheet production

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