Run down screen

Product Code: 2831
Category:Sintered Metal Mesh Filter
Material:stainless steel
Properties:Sintered Filter
Application:water treatment ,oilfield,mining,water well,food,industry,filtration

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Description of Run down screen

1.Overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations of fabric or synthetic fiber cartridges by replacing them with these stainless steel wire cloth elements. They are good up to 500?F instead of the usual 250?F, and they are unaffected by most caustic fluids.
2.Made entirely of 304 or 316 stainless steel, they are cleanable and reusable, and can withstand differential pressures up to 60 psi. (500 psid units are also available.) You can choose particle retention ratings as fine as 5 microns.
3.Element surfaces can be plain cylindrical, or pleated to increase surface area. Pleated units rated 100 microns or finer have an underlying support layer of coarser mesh to prevent pleat collapse. Fabrication is by welding and crimping; no silver brazing or epoxy bonding is used

Feature of Run down screen

1)Channel crisscrossed,High temperature resistance,resistance to thermal shock.
2)Corrosion resistant,applicable to a variety of acid alkali and corrosive medium,
Stainless steel filter can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali and organic matter,
especially suitable for sour gas filtration.
3)High strength, good toughness, suitable for high pressure environment.
4)>weldable,easy loading and unloading.
5)Hole shape stability, uniform distribution, guarantee the stability of filtering performance.
6)The regeneration performance is good.
7)Filtration performance after repeated washing of regeneration to restore
morethan 90%

Application of Run down screen

1)High pressure filter medium;oilfield oil sands separation;
2)Machinery, ships, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic start oil filter;
3)Chemical industry, chemical plants process;
4)High temperature gas dust removal; filter food; medical filter;
5)Water treatment and distribution,gas distributionsystem

Run down screen

Specification of the Run down screen

Filter Rating
Pore Size
Max (μm)
10 – 12m2
Gas permeability
Compression Strength
Map / cm2
S9 0.2 2.5 / 1 3.0
S8 0.5 4 / 3 3.0
S7 1.5 6 / 5 3.0
S6 2.5 10 0.09 10 3.0
S5 5 15 0.23 40 3.0
8 20 0.91 80 3.0
S4 10 30 1.81 160 3.0
S3 28 60 3.82 350 3.0
35 80 7.29 500
S2 40 100 9.43 700 3.0
S1 65 160 15.1 1000 3.0

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