Cleanable Stainless Steel Filter Element

Product Code: 2137
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:metal felt filter elements

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Description of Cleanable Stainless Steel Filter Element

Cleanable Stainless Steel Filter Element

1.It is used imported sintered stainless steel fiber felt, has high-pressure,high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance.
2.Good air permeability, high dirt holding capacity, long life sevice time, clean repeatable
3.large flow area

High molecular polymer filtration
High temperature gas filtration
Hydraulic filtration
High-precision ink filtration
High precision membrane pre-filtration
Catalyst carrier and regeneration
Food&drink, pharmaceutical industries.

Technical Parameter
Working Pressure:≤31.7Mpa
Working Temperature:≤300°C
Media Viscosity :≤260Pa.s

pleated water filters can be wound, pleated, wrapped, spun bonded or resin based along with carbon de-ionisation and RO membrane elements for food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical process filter applications.

Low cost
1-100 micron
High dirt holding capacity
Available from 5”-60”
High flow rate

Spun Bonds
Pure polyprop
No additives
FDA approved
High flow
High dirt capacity
1-75 micron
Length up to 40”

Pleated Elements
Cellulose polyester
Low cost
High dirt capacity
High surface area
5 – 50 micron
Up to 40”

Membrane Elements
Mirrored acemetric
High performance
Particulate or micro biological performance
0.1 micron – 1 micron
Stainless Steel Elements
5 – 1000 micron

Polyprop with or without brass inserts, available with 1¼” – 2 ½ “inlet/outlet
Stainless steel
Glass fibre reinforced nylon
Pressure rating 8.5 – 13 bar
Knife edge seals, 222 or code 3 ‘o’ ring
Larger vessels available with 2 ½ “diameter and 4 ¼ “diameter filter cartridges

Specification of the Cleanable Stainless Steel Filter Element

Material Medium PP fibre membrane
Support layer PP
Filter Core/cage PP
O ring/Gasket NBR/Silicone/EPDM/Viton
Specifications Length (inch) 5,10,20,30,40,50
Micron rating 0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65,1,3,5,10,20,30,60
Outer Diameter (OD) 69mm
End cap DOE(decided by client)
Configuration Airtight method thermal bonding technique
Effective filtratio area 0.4-0.7 M2 /10"
Max. working temperature 80°C, 0.28MPa (2.8bar,40.61psi)
Max. positive pressure 25°C, 0.42Mpa (4.2bar,60.91psi)
Max. back pressure 25°C, 0.28Mpa (2.8bar,40.61psi)
Sterilizing temperature 121°C 30min

Production And Sales of Cleanable Stainless Steel Filter Element

Stainless steel  316L Stainless steel  316L

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