Wedge Wire Screen Basket

Product Code: 3168
Category:Centrifuge Screens&Baskets
Material:stainless steel wire steel wire
Properties:water treatment
Application:Remove tiny fibers and impurities from the blak liquor.Remove white water,recycle fibers.

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Description of Wedge Wire Screen Basket

Fetures of Wedge Wire Screen Basket

The wire shape is inverse triangle,it makes the pulp flows out amoothly,and decreases the resistance.
The two sharp angles of the wire like sharp knife,they can separate the fiber from the liquid.Thereby the capability and screening efficiency can be improved greatly.
The minimum wire width is 0.5mm,which can help to obtain the maximum open area.
Mechanically held wires, built in the round
Rugged, high mechanical strength
Available for outward and inward flow screens
Precise slot-width tolerance
YUBO is specialized in producing and distributing filter, filter element,polymeric filter,filter strainer,wedge wire screen etc. 

Specification of the Wedge Wire Screen Basket


Centrifuge basket

Hole shapes:square


Wire diameter:1.5*2mm

Wire gauge:2-3mm

Structure:cartridge filter

Slot width:0.3-0.5mm


Variety and full range of sizes meet the requirements of different coals type, 

different coals quality; size accurately, the error is small, fixed bolt hole 

does not appear the wrong eye, partial eye phenomena, to make installment saving 

time and effort ; welding quality is good, solid structure, does not appear screen 

welding open, cracking phenomena; uniform screen sewn, smooth screen surface, high 

opening rate.


Screen basket is mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, widely used in coal, 

chemical, and metallurgical industries.

Production And Sales of Wedge Wire Screen Basket

Package: in wood case

Delivery: 10-20 days

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