v wire Filter nozzles element

Product Code: 2858
Category:Water Strainer & Nozzle
Material: stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L,Hastelloy alloy
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:water treatment ,oilfield,mining,water well,food,industry,filtration

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Description of v wire Filter nozzles element

The v wire Filter nozzles element is composed of V-profile wire stainless steel which is spirally wrapped in certain equal slot.
To maintain the slot size around inside and add extra strength are mounted. It has each cover for both ends of nozzle.
Each wire and rod are made by spot welding. and fitting pipe is adjusted according to the thickness of set bottom plate.
Nozzle is completed by welding fitting pipe to a cover of down end after setting screw according to the type of nut.

Feature of v wire Filter nozzles element

No Deformation and damage by pressure of filtration layer.
Improvement of Filtering efficieny by maximizing Filtrating area.
Fomation of equal and find slot.
Maintenance of semi-permanent life.

Applicatuon of v wire Filter nozzles element

Nozzles can be used for liquid/solid or gas/solid separation, or media retention (sand, catalyst, resin, ....).The nozzles are mounted on a support plate. The dimensions and the distribution of the nozzles on the support plate can be altered to obtain an optimized flow distribution.

v wire Filter nozzles element

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Specification of the v wire Filter nozzles element

Type DiameterD L L1 Slot Thread Open area
FYN1 45 98 34 0.2-0.25 M20 380-493
FYN2 45 100 34 0.2-0.25 M24 551-690
FYN3 53 100 34 0.2-0.25 M24 453-597
FYN4 53 100 50 0.2-0.25 M27 680-710
FYN5 53 105 34 0.2-0.25 M32 800-920
FYN6 57 115 35 0.2-0.25 M30 560-670
FYN7 57 120 55 0.2-0.25 M32 780-905
FYN8 60 120 55 0.2-0.25 G1″ 905-1100
FYN9 82 130 50 0.2-0.25 M33 1170-1280
FYN10 108 200 100 0.2-0.25 G2″ 3050-4600

Production And Sales of v wire Filter nozzles element

v wire Filter nozzles element

Packaging Details: water-proof bag, carton box, wooden box ( according to your requiement)
Delivery Detail: after payment 25 days! production time schedule will be provided


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