Pleated Panel Filter

Product Code: 1594
Category:Pleated Filter
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,synthetic fiber
Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter,panel filter

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Description of Pleated Panel Filter

UBO manufacture and supply a range of panel filters in pleated or pad form.

These can be constructed in galvanised channels, polyurethane casings or card frames square or rectangular in shape.  Various media’s maybe used for dry panel filters, most favoured are synthetic fibres in a pad form or media such as cellulose paper that is pleated.  Most panels of this type are disposable.  All panels meet the recognised EU classifications.

Some panels can be cleanable, reducing filter replacement costs, or disposable for ease of maintenance. UBO pleated Panel Filters are of durable construction, providing low emission costs and increased air quality in the areas being supplied.


Applications of Pleated Panel Filter


For air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, pre-filtration, extractor hoods, fume extraction fitted into air conditioning units, fan coil units, induction units.

Carbon Panels

Can be supplied independently or with other multi layered media for removal of odour and gas as well as other airborne particles.

Cab Filters

Polyurethane or metal frame panels for use in vehicle cab applications for the removal of dust, fumes, pollen and other hazardous particles. These are constructed with media capable of sub micron particle sizes and can be disposable or cleanable.

Bespoke Panel Filters

Special sizes for bespoke applications can be designed and manufactured.Ubo are continually developing and evaluating the product range, please call for more information.

         Pleated panel filter


Specification of the Pleated Panel Filter

Filter rating 5-50micron length Consumer’s requirement



Thickness 0.45-0.55mm
Model number JZBW Type Pleated stainless steel candle filter

Operating Temperature
-75℃~ +480℃
Maximum Pressure Difference
0.2Mpa (from inside to outside)
0.5Mpa (from outside to inside) 

Production And Sales of Pleated Panel Filter

Pleated panel filter

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