Metal Basket Cone Filter

Product Code: 1651
Category:Cone Filter&Strainer
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh
Properties:stainless steel filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Metal Basket Cone Filter

Metal Basket Cone Filter is made of multiple layers of stainless steel sintered wire mesh.

Other metals like stainless steel perforated sheet or stainless steel woven mesh are also available to the Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cone Strainer.

Metal Basket Cone Filter

Features of Metal Basket Cone Filter

1.the ultrasonic welding technology made.
2.weld homogeneous solid filtration precision as the absolute value
3.high heart rate, pressure big, straight degree good
4.stainless steel material
5.without any burrs
6.ensure long service life

 Advantage of Metal Basket Cone Filter

High permeabilit fiber;

high tension force synthetic;

excellent corrosion, heat, pressure refining, and abrasion resistance;

even distribution of pores catalysis recycling accurate filtering ;

applied under ultra low temperature, high temperature;

reusable after cleaning;

Application of Metal Basket Cone Filter

The petrifaction industry, the pipeline filter;

The project machinery, refuel the equipment field ;

The field pharmaceutical and food industry

Metal Basket Cone Filter

Specification of the Metal Basket Cone Filter


1.Material: 100%polyester filter mesh circles or nylon filter mesh circles
2. Weaving: Plain weave filter mesh circles
3. Mesh Count:
Polyester filter mesh circles :7T~165T mesh/cm(25 micron-1000 micron)
Nylon filter mesh circles:4T-140T mesh/cm(35 micron-2000 micron)
4. Max. width: 365cm (143 inch)
5.Color: white/yellow/black
6. Monofilament
7.We can provide products in special specifications according to your demand.
8.Can be customized upon appropriate specifications
9. Samples available under freight burden by buyer, the cost refund after order is fixed


·  ominal Pipe Size

· B (ID)

· A (OD)

·150/300# ANSI


· 600# ANSI

· 900# ANSI

· 1500# ANSI

· 3/4

· 0.75

· 2.13

· 2.50

·  2.63

· 2.63

· 1

· 1.00

· 2.50

· 2.75

·  3.00

· 3.00

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