When is a stainless steel filter easy to rust

1. Dust or non-uniform metal particles containing other metal elements on the surface of stainless steel. In a humid atmosphere, the condensate between the attachment and stainless steel connects them into a microcell, which leads to electrochemical reflection and damage of the protective film, namely electrochemical corrosion.
2. In the infectious atmosphere (for example, the atmosphere contains a small amount of sulfide, carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide), when the condensate forms the sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, it will cause chemical erosion.
3. Clean and scrub the appearance of decorative stainless steel filter, and remove accessories.
4. If some stainless steel pipes fail to meet the requirements, it will also lead to rust, which requires users to carefully select products of credit manufacturers.
The same or different quantity of stainless steel filter screen products are processed by some workpieces. The welding quality should be controlled by adjusting the current. As we all know, a stainless steel filter screen is one of the most commonly used filter material products, which can be processed and assembled into various products as required.

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