What aspects need to be paid attention to when installing Sieve Plate Screen

The sieve plate screen is woven with metal wire or fiber wire, and the aperture is 0.15 ~ 1mm. Can remove and recover different types and small suspended matter. Screen separation has the advantages of simplicity, high efficiency, and low operating cost. Generally used for small-scale wastewater treatment. There are many types of screens. The two main types are vibrating screens and hydraulic screens.
What aspects need to be paid attention to when installing sieve plate screen
1. When installing, be sure to tighten the screen. The tension of the screen is the key factor affecting screening efficiency.
2. The selection of the screen of the vibrating screen must be a screen with a thicker wire diameter.
3. When installing the pressure plate, we must pay attention to its flatness, so as to prevent the occurrence of mixing. It will also extend the life of the screen.
4. Sieve plate screens should be assembled as required to avoid mixing.
5. After the installation is completed, the equipment should be tested with a little material. If the material is transported evenly and there is no mixing phenomenon, it can be put into use. On the other hand, if mixing or accumulation occurs, the flatness of the screen should be adjusted. Is the seal type of the screen installed?
6. When cutting, the width of the sieve plate and the screen frame should be consistent, and the length should be slightly longer than the screen frame.
The above is related to the sieve plate screen, I hope it can help you.

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