What are the parameters that need to be considered when designing a filtration system

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To design a suitable filtration system, some important parameters need to be considered.
1.Flow rate:
Flow rate is an important parameter that can help any designer choose the overall size of the filter device, whether it is air, gas or liquid.
2.Working Pressure:
The working pressure is also an important parameter, and the required equipment thickness can be obtained to ensure the safety of the mechanical design of the equipment.
3.Working Temperature: 
Like pressure and temperature, it is also an important parameter, and it must be ensured that the material is suitable for application within this temperature range.
4.Suspended Solid Load: 
Most designers fail to design the system because they did not consider the suspended solids load during the design process. Any liquid, air or gas we are talking about has a variety of suspended solid particles, which usually need to be retained during the filtration process. Based on this, the mounting designer must design the size and filter area of ​​the internal parts used inside the filter system.
Usually all filtration systems are closed loop systems, so the speed of any fluid entering the system should be moderate to avoid internal damage. Therefore, when designing the system speed, the speed needs to be considered. If the speed is high, the designer must provide a baffle to limit the direct impact on internal components.
6.Chemical Compatibility:
Under the conditions to be filtered, the filter material must be compatible with the chemical properties of the filtered liquid. This will minimize the risk of structural failure during the filtration process.
Generally, chemical compatibility plays an important role in the selection of equipment materials, the selection of internal materials, and the selection of gasket materials. Each fluid has different characteristics at different temperatures. Therefore, when designing a filter system, the designer must be careful when choosing a specific filter medium, filter body and gasket.
7.Allowable Differential Pressure:
When designing the system, the allowable pressure difference must be ensured. What is the maximum pressure differential that the system should withstand?
8.Desired Filtration Rating:
Since we are talking about filtration, we must be very certain about the export requirements, because the filtration level is an important parameter.
9.Nature of Contaminants:
It plays an important role when selecting internal components for filtration, because in any filtration application, we may encounter contaminants of different nature, such as free-flowing, viscous, and sticky. Therefore, this parameter must be considered when designing the system.
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