Wedge Wire Screen Basket on Sale

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.'s wedge wire screen basket is high-quality and hot on sale.

Compared with the wedge wire flat panel and sieve bend screen, the wedge wire screen basket has stronger withstanding stress from centrifuge dryers. YUBO Wedge wire screen basket is mainly used in centrifuges for screening solids and liquids. It has a wide application in many heavy industries such as mine, chemistry, coal, potash processing, food processing.

The support rod is resistance welded onto the v-shape wire to form a firm structure. The YUBO wedge wire screen basket has a narrow top and a wide bottom and uniform gaps. It is anti-clogging, large filtering area, precise filtering, and has a strong self-cleaning ability. YUBO screen basket is generally supported by ribs, rings & flanges, and it increases the mechanical strength.

YUBO wedge wire screen basket can be customized to suit any centrifuge screening equipment. We have a complete production line from wire drawing to wire rolling and finished products. Quality, speed, and credibility are the 3 major concerns of YUBO. Our products are hot on sale. If you have any questions about the YUBO wedge wire screen basket, please contact us at any time.

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