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Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. supplies wedge wire screens including wedge wire pressure screen filters. The wedge wire supplied by YUBO is a profiled V wire used to construct a screen that is both robust and extremely accurate.

The wedge wire pressure screen filters have many types such as wedge wire screen panels, wedge wire cylinders/pipes, wedge wire baskets, filter nozzles, etc. They are used in different places. They have strong pressure resistance and good mechanical properties.

Advantages of the wedge wire pressure screen filters:
1. Wedge wire is suitable for maintenance-free situations and high-pressure applications.
2. Large filtration area, more precise filtration.
3. Has self-cleaning ability.

Industry applications of the wedge wire pressure screen filters:
Because of their Superior performance, the wedge wire pressure screen filters can be used in many industries including mining, coal separation, drilling, fertilizer, food, environmental protection, metallurgy, medicine, and others.

YUBO is a professional wedge wire pressure screen filters supplier. If you need the product, please contact us to custom.

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