Talking about the main measures to prevent the deviation of stainless steel sieve plate

Stainless steel sieve plates are made of various materials, generally low carbon steel and stainless steel filter plates. They can also be made of other metal materials and non-metal materials. There are many reasons for the deviation of the stainless steel sieve plate, including the following:
1. The gaps are not equal, the lubrication conditions are not the same, etc., which will cause the offset phenomenon when bending;
2. The corner fillet radii on both sides of the die are not equal;
3. The shape of the billet is asymmetric, the two sides are not equal to the contact surface of the die, and the number of bends on the two sides is different.
The main measures to prevent the deviation of the stainless steel screen plate:
1. The mold structure using positioning pins makes the blank impossible to move;
2. Sieve plate mold structure using elastic top piece device;
3. Use symmetrical concave molds as much as possible, with equal rounded edges and uniform gaps.

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