Introduction of Wedge Wire Screen

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A wedge wire mesh is a versatile wire mesh that we can provide in a unique location.
This is a multifunctional screen with toughness and anti-blocking properties, in which triangular "wedge-shaped wires" are arranged at equal intervals to form suitable gaps/slits (sieves). They can be used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, grading, dehydration, concentration, etc., regardless of industry or geographic location.
Characteristics of wedge wire screens
Less clogging, better dehydration
The biggest feature of the wedge-shaped mesh is the "triangle", which means that when solids pass through, the contact point is small and the tip of the slit widens so that solids are less likely to block, or even they will not block, with a strong backwash effect, resulting in excellent maintainability.
High strength, high durability
It can form a wire diameter larger than the slit of the screen.
Because the screen surface is smooth, so the degree of wear is constant.
The standard material is stainless steel (SUS304, 316L).
Therefore, the wedge mesh screen has higher strength and durability than the screen, porous plate or filter cloth filter, and depending on the use of the environment and materials, they can be used almost indefinitely without replacement, thus reducing operating costs. In addition, we are also able to use special materials to produce wedge mesh.
Highest accuracy in the world
Wedge wire panels are set with more precision and tolerances can be defined independently than wire mesh/sheet metal or other screens. We can support a minimum of 5 pixels (0.005 mm). This is the highest standard accuracy among global manufacturers of wedge screen printing machines.
High strength, high durability
Compared with wire mesh, laminated wire mesh, filter paper, press cloth, and a variety of other filters, wedge wire mesh has high strength and load-bearing capacity and has excellent durability. In addition, it has a stiffness that resists washing pressure and is easier to handle than other filters with similar apertures. These capabilities enable the long - term use of wedge mesh in a variety of applications and environments.
Easy to maintain, and has a backwash effect, can easily eliminate the blockage. It is common to change the filters in your 5-100 lived-m zone when you are stuck, but even if the webbed mesh is stuck, you can get rid of it with a backwashing effect. This feature reduces maintenance costs and time-consuming work.
Extensive design flexibility
Because of the variety of processes available, the wedge mesh can be made into various shapes, such as flat, cylindrical or conical.
Application field
Machine parts such as filtration equipment, centrifuges, dehydrators and shakers, river/seawater inflow, activated carbon/ion-exchange resin/catalyst/filter material retention, preventing the flow of carrier, filter elements, etc

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