Causes of damage to the screen of the powder sieving machine

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The screen of the powder sifter is the main part of the powder sifter. It directly touches the sieving medium during the production process. It can stop grading materials of different particle sizes. It is the main vulnerable part of the powder sifter. The improper selection of raw materials and irregular operation have caused the phenomenon of rapid damage to the screen of the powder sifter.
The tension of the screen of the powder sieving machine is not good. The screen is usually rolled up in the process of manufacturing, transportation and storage. The horizontal stainless steel wire of the screen is a lot of beams subjected to a circuitous load. The inner side is subjected to compressive stress, and the outer side is subjected to compressive stress. Tensile stress. When the screen is installed on the screen frame, these circuitous internal stresses are not eliminated, and a part of the screen tension is used to defeat the circuitous response force generated by the screen wire in order to straighten the screen.
After the sieve is used for a period of time, the sieve will become slack, causing the tension of the sieve to be inadequate, and then a serious phenomenon of stress concentration, and secondary oscillations will occur. The wire of the sieve is repeatedly tortured and the plasticity is getting smaller and smaller. , After incurring brittle cracking and damage of the screen wire, the screen will be broken from the center.
Even if it does not crack, the screen material will yield due to the loading of drill cuttings during use, and the screen will partially sink and accumulate cuttings, which will cause the screen to be damaged. Solution: If it is due to the tension of the screen If the screen is not damaged too quickly, we can properly increase the tension of the screen and keep the screen surface flat, so that the tensile, compressive and shear stress on the screen will be relatively reduced, and then the use of the screen can be improved life.

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