Wire Cloth Application

Wire cloth is a woven metal fabric having either square or rectangular "working openings" between wires -- produced on large weaving machines called looms. "Working openings" are the clear spaces or distances between wires in both directions of each mesh of a square or rectangular woven fabric. Usually openings 1/4 inch and over are referred to as space cloth. Openings less than 1/4 inch are referred to as mesh cloth.

Square or Rectangular Opening
The proper "working opening" depends primarily on the end application of the woven wire screen or cloth in service. For example, square openings should be used where accurate sizing is essential. Rectangular openings are usually three to four times longer than wide and offer increased "through" capacity with less separation accuracy. Elongated rectangular openings afford the highest "through" capacity with the least accuracy in separation.

Where wire cloth is used

* Grinding control of crushed materials
* Sizing of material
* Scalping of material * Dewatering of material
* Filtering for removal of a decontaminate
* Protection of an orifice
* Arrestor of flame or sparks * Shielding
* Containers for heat treating
* Surface to support other filter medium
* Containers for cleaning * Medical implants
* Guards for animal, fans, machinery, windows, rooms, etc.
* Strainers for pumps, pipelines, tanks, pools
* Drying of seed and solids * Catalysts for chemical reactions
* Burners for gas heaters * Grids for batteries, fuel cells
* Screen printing * Gas diffusion


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