What's the perforated metal application?

Perforated Metal Applications

1.Agricultural equipment.

 Our products can be found in grain dryers, hammermill screens, construction equpment, baskets, filters, guards and more.


 Designers bring their ideas for building and parking structure facades to us. They design outdoor furniture, and components that bring beauty to all kinds of spaces. We carry out their designs in many materials, including thick aluminum and steel.


 Custom speaker grilles require high open area patterns. We
work in partnership with audio engineers to create designs that meet exacting criteria, are durable in many demanding outdoor applications and are pleasing to the eye.


 We provide components for many automotive products, including muffler components, filter wraps and cages, grilles and guards.

5.Decorative patterns.

 We make covers, guards, sunscreens, door, wall, and ceiling panels that are beautiful as well as functional. We can carry out literally dozens of patterns.
We make many components for the demanding medical field, including laboratory equipment like sterilizer racks and test tube holders.

6.Store fixtures & displays.

Our perforated metal is used in shelving and display racks at places everyone visits every day. Home Depot®, Sears, Target, and Blockbuster Video are just a few of the retail outlets where our products are used.

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