The common wire mesh defects

2017-03-06Tags:wire mesh,wire cloth,wire screen,Posted By zhaozhao
1. Folding Marks: The stripe marks on wire mesh surface that cannot be erased.
2. Broken Holes: Multi-pieces broken wires at same site to form a hole in the surface. 3. Rusty Spots: Colored changed by corrosion. Color spots in the surface.
4. Broken Wire: Broken of single wire. 5. Wire Back:The wire coiled, tied or twisted into the mesh forms a protruding above surface. Weft wire tied up called dead coiling. These will mostly cause the opening exceeding maximum opening range, or the wire mesh surface protruding.
6. Knot Bulging: Warp wire not well knotted causes bulging out of the surface. 7. Weft Twisting:Weft wire twists.
8. Wire Doubling: Two pieces of wire or more get into one. Where there should be only one weft or warp wire, inserted two or more wires. 9. Mistaken Weaving: Some weft wire or warp wire are woven together in error. Easily happen for diamond wire mesh.

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