Structure of wedge wire filter nozzle

Structure of wedge wire filter nozzle.The filter nozzles mainly used on water treatment, Refine sugar and ion exchange system, mix bed tank and so on.It have two types.

One type is Chinese standard nozzle, the price is cheap and this type nozzle with different technology , sure this nozzle price is much higher.Almost all companies can afford to replace plastic nozzles.

The other type stainless steel nozzles Corrosion resistance , i think everybody should know hydrochloric acid , if your application area with hydrochloric acid, i recommend use stainless steel nozzles. And of course if working on Food grade filtration . i also recommend use stainless steel nozzles .

We can make different type thread, G thread and 1 inch NPT thread, and M thread ...These nozzles with diffent thread length, it depend on your filter bed nozzle plate .

And about nut ,we usually use 8millimeter thicknees nut, if you want make a thicker nut ,it is also ok for us.

The washer have four type.It have standard stainless steel washer,and spring washer, My master malaysia big company customer use this type washer.Rubber gasket, The highest temperature can bear 85 degrees Celsius.Mixed with the smell of rubber.Food grade gasket,The highest temperature can bear 160 degrees Celsius. No bad smell.

filter nozzle for watertreatment and mix bed

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